We provide numerous programs and supportive services to empower Veterans in an environment that is structured specifically for those that served in the armed services. 

Access to Affordable Housing

SPTC works with different agencies and landlords in the metro Detroit area to help provide access to affordable, safe housing to Veterans and clients of the center.  

One-on-One Case Management

Our counselors are certified in PTSD and Anger Management,  Financial Literacy Counseling, Substance Abuse Prevention Education and Nutrition and Health Counseling.  Personal development and empowerment programs and services are available to every client.  

Outreach Partnerships

In order to provide our Veterans a strong foundation,  SPTC has partnered with Focus Hope, COTS, Forgotten Harvest and numerous other community and governmental agencies to provide the nutritional, emotional, psychological and mental support our Veterans need.  


Food Pantry - Community Nutrition Education Program

The VNCRC Community Nutrition Education program/food pantry collects 

and stores food to distribute free-of-charge to low-income families and 

individuals. The pantry provides a nutritionally balanced supply of food for 

approximately three to seven days.